The Secret Of Your Strength

Sodden socks removed,
a dry pair eases on:
toes scrunch with pleasure.

Soft, but not brand new,
your favourite, faded blue
now you feel better;
more like you.

This respite; comforting and warm,
steels you to head back out
and brave the storm.

You’ll walk a little further,
reach a little higher,
try a little harder,
with the secret of your enduring strength
hidden in your shoes.

© Amy Knight 2021

The poem The Secret Of Your Strength is an extract from Am I getting close which was pubished in P.S. I Love You in November 2020. After a walk in the snow, and a boost of confidence on Instagram, the author felt it deserved to be published in it’s own right.

Looking for more extraordinary beauty in ordinary places?

Wordsmith . Storyteller . Poet . Collaborator . Writes about love. Listens to what human hearts are whispering and sings it out loud. IG: @amyknightwriter

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